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Healing Stones

Bringing you crystal creations to help manifest your dreams

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Who We Are

Our Story

Two sisters who found energy and purpose with crystals. We want to share our passion with you. Specializing in premade crystal grids, crystal trees and jewelry and pre-selected tumble bags, we hope to make crystals more easily accessible to everyone. With so much information out there getting into crystals can feel very overwhelming, so we thought we would make it a bit easier with our premade crystal grids.

Our premade grids come with everything you need to activate your grid and manifest your desires. Set in 0 VOC resin and designed with sacred geometry and handpicked crystals, these grids are perfect whether you are just starting out or a well experienced crystal lover.

Our crystal trees are made with genuine crystal bead chips and copper wire, and make a wonderful addition to the home or workplace. They also make a great gift

Crystal pendants are handmade with real crystal/gemstone and wrapped in copper wire. 

Our tumble bags are set of crystals chosen to work together to help you achieve your goals. these crystals are meant to be carried with you or placed where you feel you most need their energy.


We are now offering Malas! Our beautifully created malas are intuitively chosen & hand knotted to help you in your meditation practice.

Love and light
Janette & Katie


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